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Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is Informatics?

Informatics is a collection of disciplines and techniques that specifically address the issue of transformation or data processing as optimal as possible utilizing computer technology through the processes of logic. In the field of science informatics techniques more studied is in programming and computing, software engineering (software) for various areas of application in various fields of business, technology and computer networks.What You Learned in Informatics?Basic knowledge in Information Engineering is an algorithm. In Informatics, students will be directed to the conquest of science and engineering skills of informatics, which is based on the ability to understand, analyze, assess, implement, and creating software (software) in processing with a computer. Broadly speaking, the material in computer science can be grouped into several disciplines include:1. Information SystemsProviding basic knowledge and understanding of the concepts and framework of information systems, methodologies and techniques of designing, developing, testing, and maintenance of software systems.2. Software EngineeringThe material studied in this field is Object Analysis and Design, Engineering Process Improvement, Inspection Software, Software Engineering, Programming Client Server Database.3. Programming and ComputingProvides the knowledge and ability to analyze issues within the scope of Computing, Parallel Computing, Distributed Systems, Technology among networks.4. Architecture and Computer NetworksThe material studied in this field is the Computer Architecture, Computer Organization, Electronics, Digital Systems, Microprocessor Systems, Computer Networking etc.Prospects Graduates of InformaticsThe field of computer applications is very broad, almost no space life that is not touched by computer technology. The breadth of the field of the application, the limited number of system analyst, the rapid development of information technology, and the high demand for software development provides a very bright prospects for graduates of Informatics. This type of work is right for graduates of Information Engineering, among others are: Programmer, System Analyst, Web Designer, Software Engineer / Web engineer, Computer Network / Data Communication Engineer, Government Agencies and Research Institutions, Others (companies of telecommunication services, banking , consultants or professors at public and private universities, etc.).
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